Blog Outline

In 52 brief snapshots we will try to paint a picture of Jesus as hinted at, indicated, outlined and glimpsed in the Old Testament. We will not be providing a comprehensive study but we hope it will be both accessible and helpful to you and serve to deepen both your understanding of, and relationship with, the greatest man who ever lived.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Starting next week

We are so excited about the start of this new project from Jubilee Church.   Bernice has been hosting art challenge blogs and creative Bible studies for a while but this is our first foray into a year long, weekly Bible Study.   We hope you will find it useful and informative.

Optional Creative Responses
Remember the creative response is optional, although we would love it if you did respond creatively and link your work with the linky that will be provided every week.  However the Bible study is just that.  A way to study the Bible using the theme of finding glimpses of Jesus.

What will the weekly post contain?
Each week there will be a short passage written by Simon which includes suggested further reading.  There will be a 'To think about' suggestion for you to think about or to journal about.  Whenever possible there will be a worship video and some creative responses from members of Jubilee Church.

What is a linky?
At the end of each weekly blog post there will be the comment: Please share your creative response using the linky below:   Beneath this will be a place to click on where you can enter your name or the title of your work and a link to your creative response - you will need to have a place that you have uploaded your work to - for example your blog or Flickr.  If you have never seen a linky before have a look at the end of this blog post: Create.

When does the Bible Study start?
Next Wednesday, January 6th 2016

So what do you need to do now?
  • If you haven't already, sign up for the weekly emails or add this blog to your blog reader.
  • Read through the introductory posts on this blog, particularly this one.
  • Join the Facebook group.
  • Get a notebook and pen ready.
  • Think about how you might respond creatively to the Bible study - a song, a video, a drawing, a piece of art - digital or in any medium, a poem, a creative way of taking notes, a photograph.
We look forward to taking this journey with you.
Simon and Bernice

Friday, 18 December 2015

Testing testing

Sorry to clutter up your inboxes again today.

I have been having problems getting the email sent to subscribers automatically.  So far all the ones you have received I've had to send.

I am hoping that it is all sorted now which is why I am sending a test post.

But just to make reading the email worthwhile here is a great worship song.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bonus post

Introducing Simon

Simon Clay is part of the leadership team at Jubilee Church Solihull.  For those of you who are following along and are not members of the church I thought it would be great if I shared some teaching from Simon so you could get to hear him.  In addition this teaching given on Sunday 13th December shows how Simon relates the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Micah 5:1-5

You should be able to listen to this directly from the file below or by clicking on this link: Peace from Bethlehem

We are so looking forward to sharing this journey with you next year.  Please invite your friends to join us.

If you haven't already, please sign up for the emails by subscribing in the Subscribe by Email box on the right.


Friday, 11 December 2015

Optional Creative Responses

In our last post we introduced our year long Bible Study: Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament.  If you haven't read it yet, please do.

Creative responses to the weekly blog post 
Bernice's previous blogs (which you can find by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page) have been aimed towards those who create art through scrapbooking or mixed media. This time we would like to encourage different creative responses.

This could be a song, a video, a drawing, a piece of art - digital or in any medium, a poem, a creative way of taking notes, a photograph, anything that is a creative way to respond to the ideas in the blog post and the Bible passages.

We look forward to seeing what ideas you have.  Each week there will be a place at the end of each post for you to link your work from your blog, Instagram account or Flickr.  You can also post your work in the Facebook group.

Creative Study Techniques
You can find out more about different ways to creatively study the Bible passage on the Identity blog.

For Visual Journallers
You can find some different ways to respond creatively on this introductory post.

If you decide to make an art journal Bernice suggests you use the inks, sprays, paints, stamps and papers you already own to make the journal truly yours.  When you look at her pages on NewlyCreative they are there solely for inspiration, not for you to copy.  Bernice uses a lot of Dylusions and other Ranger products but you don't have to.  Use what you have.  Some of the techniques may not work in the same way with different products but it doesn't matter. It means your journal will be unique to you.

You can find lots of ideas for techniques by visiting any of the art challenge blogs listed on the Art Challenge page and the Creative Bible Studies page.

If you have any questions please put them in the comments box below or ask them in the Facebook group.

If you haven't already I suggest you follow this blog in order to be sure you get the weekly blog posts.  The best way is to subscribe by email.  Just put your email address in the Subscribe by Email box in the right hand column.

Our next blog post will be on Wednesday December 30th.  Look out for it.  In the meantime have a great Christmas.

Simon & Bernice

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Announcing a year long, weekly Bible Study

Starting on Wednesday 6th January 2016 Simon Clay and Bernice Hopper, members of Jubilee Church Solihull, will be leading you through a year long study to find Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament.  Each Wednesday throughout the year there will be a short passage for you to read and some Bible references for you to look up, plus some questions to reflect on.

Simon is writing all the weekly passages, whilst Bernice will be suggesting ideas for responding to the study in a creative way.  It isn't necessary to respond creatively to follow along with this study.

Follow the blog
To ensure that you don't miss a blog post you can follow by email by filling in the Subscribe by Email box at the top right of the blog.  Or use Feedly or any other blog reader that you use already.

There will be a post about creative responses on Friday 11th December and a reminder  blog post explaining how the study will work on Wednesday December 30th.

The weekly Bible Study will start on Wednesday 6th January with one post per week for the whole of 2016.

Facebook group
There is a private Facebook group.  Please click on the link and ask to join.  It is a safe place where we can discuss the  weekly prompts, ask questions, and share our thoughts and our artwork from our study of Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament.

We do hope you will join us.
Simon & Bernice