Blog Outline

In 52 brief snapshots we will try to paint a picture of Jesus as hinted at, indicated, outlined and glimpsed in the Old Testament. We will not be providing a comprehensive study but we hope it will be both accessible and helpful to you and serve to deepen both your understanding of, and relationship with, the greatest man who ever lived.

Creative Bible Studies

Creative Bible studies are a combination of podcasts from Jubilee Church Solihull and a creative response to the message.  You will find suggestions for creative responses that you can use in your visual journalling.

Identity: A Study in Ephesians
8 podcasts with journaling prompts 

Honour: A Study in 1 Corinthians 8 podcasts with journaling prompts 

The Father Heart of God 5 podcasts with journaling prompts

You are welcome to use these studies at any time and join the Facebook groups.

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