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In 52 brief snapshots we will try to paint a picture of Jesus as hinted at, indicated, outlined and glimpsed in the Old Testament. We will not be providing a comprehensive study but we hope it will be both accessible and helpful to you and serve to deepen both your understanding of, and relationship with, the greatest man who ever lived.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Son of Man

Daniel 7:9-14

In this incredible vision God gave to Daniel we are given a view right into the very throne-room of heaven.

The vision opens with the Ancient of Days, God Himself, sat on His throne (v9). His appearance is awe-inspiring - dazzlingly white clothing and pure white hair while seated on a throne with wheels blazing with flames (v9).

The throne-room Daniel sees is actually a court with books of judgement ready to be opened and judgement passed (v10). In front of the throne is a river of fire (v10), representing judgment, and thousands and thousands standing before Him awaiting the judgement (v10).

The judgement is related to the earlier part of the vision (vv1-8) where four great beasts - a lion, a bear, a leopard and ‘a fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong’ (v7) - are described. These four beasts represent four kings (v17) who rise up and rule over kingdoms on the earth. However, they are not kings who honour God and they are not kingdoms where God’s rule is followed. They are therefore judged (vv11,12).

At this point we obtain our glimpse of Jesus. He comes ‘with the clouds of heaven’ (v13) and approaches the Ancient of Days. He is presented before Him. Then, in contrast to those who have just been judged, He is given ‘dominion, glory and a kingdom’. All the peoples of the earth from every nation language, tribe and tongue will serve Him. The dominion He is given is everlasting and His kingdom is everlasting.

This one ‘like a Son of Man’ (v13) is surely none other than the One through whom all nations of the earth will be blessed and the One who will sit on the throne of David forever. During His ministry Jesus speaks of His return as the Son Man coming on the clouds of heaven (Matthew 24:30) and even at His trial before the Sanhedrin He quotes this verse to the high priest, which ultimately leads to His ‘conviction’ (Matthew 26:63-66).

Many of the themes of Daniel’s wonderful vision are picked up in Revelation. In chapter 1 we see a more detailed description of ‘one like a son of man’ (Revelation 1:13). Chapter 5 describes the throne room of heaven where it becomes clear that the Lamb is the Son of Man and the universal scope of His dominion, power and kingdom is described.

Further reading:      Philippians 2:5-11      Revelation 1:4-20     Revelation 5:1-14

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Both the descriptions in Daniel’s vision and in the book of Revelation are incredible. Spend some time looking at the imagery contained in the passages and then give glory to God through worship.

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