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In 52 brief snapshots we will try to paint a picture of Jesus as hinted at, indicated, outlined and glimpsed in the Old Testament. We will not be providing a comprehensive study but we hope it will be both accessible and helpful to you and serve to deepen both your understanding of, and relationship with, the greatest man who ever lived.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Thank you

Well done for sticking with 'Glimpses of Jesus through the Old Testament' during 2016. We hope you enjoyed it. We certainly gained a lot as we put it together.

When we embarked on this project we never claimed that it would be comprehensive in its scope! Exhausting the Old Testament for hints, echoes or glimpses of Jesus is not possible this side of heaven. One glimpse per week for a year was our aim and we hope that the 52 posts we produced gave you insights and, more importantly, encouraged you to mine the riches of God's word for more.

We therefore thought that we should finish the blog by beginning 2017 with an encouragement for you to read with your Bible with your eyes open. As you enter into the New Year why not look for more glimpses of Jesus? We thought we would give you a couple of passages we ran out of space for. They may help to get your searching started:
Genesis 3:21 - God made coverings of skin to cover the shame of Adam & Eve
Genesis 4:4 - God was pleased with the sacrifice of the firstborn of the flock which Abel offered
Psalm 72:1-20 - A description of the righteous King
Micah 7:14-20 - The shepherd who pardons iniquity, demonstrates love & compassion, and removes sin

And a last worship video:

We'd love to hear what you find! And also we’d love to see or hear any creative responses you produce!

May you continue to fall in love with Jesus as you discover Him on every page of Scripture and gaze upon His beauty.

Bernice & Simon

Please remember to go back to previous blog posts to see the creative responses that have been added. Click on the thumbnail pictures to view them.


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